Welcome to the homepage of the Cognitive Neuroscience Group!
We are part of the Department of Neurology at University of Lübeck and located at the Center of Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM).

What’s new?

  • February 2024: For the new project, we are welcoming Viviana – our new PhD student who will start working in our lab on April 1st, 2024!

  • November 2023: The DFG is funding a new project with almost 12 million euros. They are establishing a Collaborative Research Center at the University of Lübeck on the topic of „Determinants, meanings and implications of sex diversity in sociocultural, medical and biological landscapes“.

  • November 2023: Oral contraceptives reduce the avoidance bias to social threat signals, new paper by Jasmin Thurley.

  • June 2023: Aggressive and psychopathic traits are linked to the acquisition of stable but imprecise hostile expectations, new paper by Macía Buades Rotger online.

  • September 2023: Welcome Konstantin, who started working as a PhD-student in our lab!

  • June 2023: Aggressive and psychopathic traits are linked to the acquisition of stable but imprecise hostile expectations, new paper by Macía Buades Rotger online

  • May 2023: Tatiana Goregliad Fjaellingsdal’s paper on studying trait-characteristics and neural correlates of the emotional ego- and altercentric bias using an audiovisual paradigm is now published 

  • December 2022: And another preprint out, this time with first-author Ronja Weiblen, who led this work examining the Neural, physiological and behavioral correlates of empathy for pain in Tourette syndrome

  • October 2022: Welcome to the new/old lab member Jasmin Thurley, who after completing her MSc in Psychology joined our lab as researcher who will also be teaching Medical Psychology.

  • October 2022: Next preprint by Tatiana Goregliad Fjaellingsdal on the emotional egocentricity bias

  • September 2022: New preprint out about the Effects of social presence on behavioural, neural and physiological aspects of empathy for pain, work led by Pauline Petereit

  • June 2022: Finally published: collaboration with Katja Bertsch on the neural and behavioral response of women with BPD during an aggressive encounter

  • June 2022: How does your brain respond to social rejection? Depends on the context, as shown in new work of Pauline Petereit (together with Sarah Jessen from the  Babylab Lübeck)

  • March 2022: Now out in In-Mind: Article about empathy in online interactions by Pauline Petereit and Ulrike Krämer. 

  • December 2021: New Paper accepted for Neuropsychologia: Work by lead authors Martin Göttlich and Macià Buades about how amygdala dependent structural covariance relates to trait aggressiveness in a large young and healthy sample.     

  • November 2021: Current Research Projects of the group were presented at the CBBM Research Day.

  • July 2021: New Paper out about the influence of anger on empathy and theory of mind.

  • May 2021: Now out in SCAN: Work led by Macià about the effect of competitive status on aggressive behavior.

  • April 2021: New paper out in Stress about a joint project with former lab member Frederike Beyer.

  • April 2021: New paper out reporting an implicit approach bias to anger signals in vmPFC lesion patients. Collaboration with Karin Roelofs (Nijmegen) and Anne-Kritsin Solbakk (Oslo) and others.

  • February 2021: The final piece of Matthias’ PhD work on proactive inhibition in PFC and basal ganglia lesion patients got accepted for publication in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Congratulations! 

  • April 2020: Welcome to Dr. Tatiana Goregliad Fjaellingsdal who is joining our lab!

  • Nov 2019: Macià got awarded a Post-doc Fellowship from the DFG to join Inti Brazil’s lab in 2020. Sad for us to see him leave, but happy for him to start this new exciting chapter in his (research) life!

  • May 2019: The work from Pauline’s Master thesis got accepted for publication in Biological Psychology. Congrats!

  • May 2019: Macià Buades-Rotger won yet another Science Slam, this time in Marburg. Yay! Here are some photos from the local newspaper. Video coming up soon!

  • March 2019: Pauline Petereit presents her work on social feedback processing at the workshop Understanding Others in Munich and Macià Buades-Rotger presents data on orbitofrontal lesion patients at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society in San Francisco.

  • November 2018: Ulrike Krämer won the annual Science Slam of RockYourLife. Lübeck e.V. at the University of Lübeck.

  • November 2018: Pauline Petereit received the poster award for the Workshop of Aggression in Berlin. Congratulations!!