Ulrike M. Krämer

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience  

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Tatiana Goregliad Fjaellingsdal

Hi, I am Tatiana Goregliad Fjaellingsdal and I started as a postdoc in the CNS group in April 2020. My research interests involve the underlying features making a social interaction successful and how this can be quantified using neurophysiological measurements. During my PhD I studied the neural underpinnings of word-by-word interactions with EEG. My new project targets the interplay of multiple factors contributing to ongoing social interactions on the behavioral and neural level, specifically using techniques such as hyperscanning with EEG.


Pauline Petereit

I studied Psychology and am now doing my PhD in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. I am interested in what happens in the brain when we process social information and experience emotions in a social context. More specifically I would like to investigate what happens when people are ignored or rejected by others and what determines their reactions to that. A focus here lies on emotions like anger and anxiety. I also like to look at interindividual differences in people’s behavior and feelings and how they relate to differences in brain activity.


Martin Göttlich

My name is Martin Göttlich, I am a MRI physicist. I am the CTO of the MRI facility at the center for brain, behavior and metabolism. My research interests include MRI physics and quality assurance for MRI-measurements. Furthermore, I am interested in the analysis of brain networks using graph-theory, independent component analysis (ICA) or dynamic causal modeling (DCM), as well as improving these methods.


Ronja Weiblen

Hello, I am Ronja and I am currently doing my PhD in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. I studied Psychology here in Lübeck and focused on the relationship of anger and social cognition. For my PhD project, I now investigate social cognition in Gilles-de-la-Tourette Syndrome. I want to find out, if an increased tendency to automatic imitation is related to altered functioning of the mirror neuron system and to an altered neural representation of others‘ thoughts and feelings.


Izabell Domoszlai

I am a medical student. In my medical thesis, I am working on emotion understanding and echophenomena in persons with Gilles-de-la-Tourette Syndrome.


Susanne Schellbach

Hello, my name is Susanne and I work as a medical technical assitant (MTA) in the workgroup and in the CBBM. I am responsible for measurements at our 3-Tesla-MRI scanner and for the training of young researchers at the MRI. Also, I am involved in EEG-recordings, am helping in EEG-recording sessions, training, repairments and checking of necessary equipment.


Jasmin Thurley

Hello, I am Jasmin Thurley and I worked in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab as a student assistant and wrote my master’s thesis on the influence of oral contraception on approach and avoidance behaviors and their interaction with stress. Now I am continuing to work on the topic as a researcher, looking further into how the cortisol response to a stress manipulation relates to approach and avoidance tendencies, and what differences are seen between women taking oral contraceptives and those with a natural cycle. I am also involved in teaching medical psychology.


Student Assistants


Jannik Heimann
Annika Kühle
Lea Henke

Emily Fitzgibbon