Ulrike M. Krämer

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience  

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Martin Göttlich

My name is Martin Göttlich, I am a MRI physicist. I am the CTO of the MRI facility at the center for brain, behavior and metabolism. My research interests include MRI physics and quality assurance for MRI-measurements. Furthermore, I am interested in the analysis of brain networks using graph-theory, independent component analysis (ICA) or dynamic causal modeling (DCM), as well as improving these methods.


Izabell Domoszlai

I am a medical student. In my medical thesis, I am working on emotion understanding and echophenomena in persons with Gilles-de-la-Tourette Syndrome.


Susanne Schellbach

Hello, my name is Susanne and I work as a medical technical assitant (MTA) in the workgroup and in the CBBM. I am responsible for measurements at our 3-Tesla-MRI scanner and for the training of young researchers at the MRI. Also, I am involved in EEG-recordings, am helping in EEG-recording sessions, training, repairments and checking of necessary equipment.


Konstantin Döhr

My name is Konstantin and I started working as a PhD-student in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab in September 2023. While studying Psychology in Hamburg I became interested in social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. For my PhD thesis I want to investigate how hormones influence our ability to differentiate between ourselves and others. I am also involved in teaching general psychology.


Franziska Buchmann

I am Franziska and I am a clinical psychologist and provisional psychotherapist. In 2018, I graduated in Psychology from University of Luebeck and have been working in different fields of psychiatry and rehabilitation since then, which facilitated my understanding of individual perceptive, cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns of persons diagnosed with serious mental health conditions.

As a researcher I’d like to improve the basic and clinical understanding of empathy, mentalizing and self-other distinction in order to inform existing concepts of psychopathology as well as concepts of health professionalism. Additionally, I am involved in teaching medical psychology.


Viviana Verde

My name is Viviana and I will start working as a PhD student in the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab in April 2024. After two years of working experience in the neurorehabilitation field, I completed my master’s in Cognitive Science at Trento University in 2023.  During the master’s and then the internship at Ghent University, I became fascinated by individual differences in human behavior, particularly within the domains of affective and cognitive development and disorders. The primary goal of my PhD is to investigate the complex interplay between steroid hormones and affective behavior as well as the related neural underpinnings.


Jannik Heimann

I started as a research assistant in the CNS lab at the beginning of my psychology master’s program in Lübeck. During this time, I became interested and involved in our ongoing social neuroscience projects about empathy and empathy for pain. For my PhD project, I am studying the influences of spatial and temporal closeness or distance of social interactions on empathic abilities. This “social presence project” involves complex social interaction, social cognition and advanced methodological approaches to investigate these phenomena. I am especially interested in the behavioral and neural correlates of these social processes.

Student Assistants

Annika Kühle
Thessa Howaldt
Emily Fitzgibbon
Liina Elsner
Manja Birkeneder
Natalie Mora